How to join? - School of Design Bachelor's programme

To join the Bachelor's programme of our School of Design, there is only one possibility 

The entrance exam for the Bachelor's programme (degree level) of our School of Design is an internal exam, regardless of the admission year:

  • B1 level in French or equivalent (TCF4, DELF B1)
  • Motivational interview with presentation of a portfolio

Admission conditions

Depending on your education, there are 3 possible admission routes: 

  • 1st year for baccalauréat (A-Level or equivalent) holders—all courses combined—(or international equivalent)
  • 2nd year for students who have successfully passed 1 year of University or Bachelor or BA or equivalent
  • 3rd year for students with a specialised diploma after 2 years of higher education (successfully passed 2 years of University or equivalent)

Exam registration fees: 80€ are payable by credit card (secure online payment).

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2017/2018 fees

  • Fees for European students: €5,400 for the 1st year - €6,300 for the 2nd and 3rd years
  • Fees for student from outside Europe: €6,500 per year