Transversal educational approach focusing on 3 Design areas

4 tracks to fit your ambitions

The students' creative approach is supplemented by multiple development ideas. Once hired, they will have to combine a variety of skills, develop projects and be operational in agencies, companies or as free-lancers. Learn more about the three design domains in which we train students

Communication design

Communication design combines discipline and creative freedom. Using specific tools, our students combine creativity and reflection to design logos, websites or visual identities. To create brand value in communication, our students use a combination of illustrator, typographer and graphic designer tools.

Teaching examples:

  • Image & Identity
  • Layout & Typography
  • 2D & 3D 
  • Graphism
  • Video & Animation
  • Sign culture
  • Printed image
  • Web design

These teachings prepare students for a number of communication design trades: junior artistic director, graphic designer, illustrator, computer graphic designer, web designer... 

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Spatial design

Future spatial designers are involved in a variety of domains: they embrace volumes to improve spatial organisation. They decorate, transform and arrange interiors and organise colours, lights and materials.

Teaching examples:

  • Space and context
  • Retail design
  • Artwork
  • Autocad/Archicad/Artlantis
  • Volume & installation
  • Eco conception
  • Technical drawing

Once they graduate, our students can pursue careers as interior designers, furniture designers, decorators, production designers or environmental designers.

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Product design

Every object around us has been created by a designer. This field requires curiosity, a sense of the aesthetic and command of traditional and 3D drawing as well as a visionary sense to anticipate trends. Our product design students explore all the technical disciplines to thoroughly analyse the universe of their project

Teaching examples:

  • Products and uses
  • Models & Prototypes
  • Materials
  • Industrial process
  • Modeling & Molding
  • Solidworks
  • Digital Prototyping

This sector features a broad variety of trades: product designers, creative craftsmen, industrial designers, etc. 

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