Business projects - School of Design Bachelor's programme

The creativity of our students benefiting businesses

The School of Design has developed a methodology and an organisation making the management of genuine projects the focus of our pedagogy. This is why, for the past few years, the number of partnerships with local and national businesses has steadily risen... This mode of operating is equally appealing to our students and partner companies! 

Reinforce our students' know-how

This pedagogy is based on the desire to genefee asmany opportunities as possible for our students to prepare them for the business world. Every business project helps them reinforce their know-how and raise their awareness of the issues they will have to deal with in their future career! Different project periods involve groups of 10 to 15 students working on actual business issues. These case studies help prepare students via a dynamic and professional learning process, throughout their curriculum. 

Businesses that entrust our students with projects

Every year we develop new partnerships to get our students involved and, once again, reinforce their know-how. Here are a few examples of projects undertaken in collaboration with local and national businesses:

  • Medical equipment study for AREVA MED
  • Packaging study for CHAMPAGNE DEVAUX
  • Venteea interactive model and spatial planning for ERDF
  • Implementation of Agenda 21 for the TROYES MUNICIPAL COUNCIL
  • Packaging study for McDONALD'S
  • Lighting tower study for PETITJEAN AL BABTAIN
  • Street furniture study for SOTRALINOX
  • Baguépi store concept for SOUFFLET
  • ...