List of classes

Everything you thought it would be… and more.

As we wish to ensure that the the School of Design’s Bachelor programme is a comprehensive and rewarding curriculum, we invite you to discover the list of classes per year to give you a clear picture of the variety of modules available.

The academic management of the School of Design may modify certain teaching modules to respond to companies' expectations and reflect market reality in the best possible way.


  • Year 1
    2D /2
    30H - 5 ECTS More

    In data-processing workshop, directed exercises of comprehension and application.

    Anglais Design 1 sem 1
    30H More

    English for design.

    Anglais Design 1 sem 2
    30H More

    English for design.

    Coding & Culture maker
    15H - 2 ECTS More
    Creativity methodology
    12H - 1 ECTS More
    Culture of design
    30H - 3 ECTS More
    Design /1
    8H - 1 ECTS More
    Design as innovation
    10H - 1 ECTS More
    Drawing /1
    45H - 5 ECTS More

    Technical bases of observational drawing and technical and plastic exploration of the drawing in order to work out a significant and personal practice

    Drawing 2
    30H - 3 ECTS More
    Exploratory Projects
    40H - 6 ECTS More

    Proposed by the teachers, problems resulting from the various fields of design allow students to develop a beam of assumptions and answers, to engage themselves on choices and to orally present them in front of a jury while still being able to argue.

    20H - 3 ECTS More
    History of design
    20H - 3 ECTS More

    Exploration of the major features of the history of design.

    Panoramic exploration of current creation and questioning about design:

    What is design for? Trends, issues, needs and applications...

    What are designers looking for and how far can you go in design?

    Image & identity
    15H - 2 ECTS More
    5 ECTS More
    Internship report
    Introduction 2D /1
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    In  a computer workshop, directed comprehension and application exercises.

    Introduction to 3D
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    3D infographic modeling initiation , discovering and exploring various 3D software

    Introduction to volums /1
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    By handling and experimentation, being able to acquire a creation tool which allows visualization and checking of intentions.

    Layout & typography
    20H - 3 ECTS More
    Maker camp
    15H More
    Music week
    20H More
    Product & use
    15H - 2 ECTS More
    Project and methodology
    30H - 6 ECTS More

    Approach of the different issues in design (function, material, use) practiced as an "open game". Discovery of the conduct of a design project.

    Space & context
    15H - 2 ECTS More
    Volume 2
    30H - 3 ECTS More
  • Year 2
    3D improvement
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Deepening of the infographic 3D modeling

    Exploration and control of different 3D softwares (Sketchup, Rhino, Solidworks, Vray)

    Anglais Design 2 sem 1
    30H More

    English for design.

    Anglais Design 2 sem 2
    30H More

    English for design.

    Autocad & Archicad
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Courses to understand the architecture of softwares, their function and use.

    Course that supports or provides a first approach on the technical and graphic representation of objects, space and architecture

    In this implementation it is a question of seeing in what way can the data-processing transposition of the drawing constitutes a base of collaborative graphic data


    Collaboratives projets
    75H - 9 ECTS More

    The students choose a set of projects which issues can be:

    - entrusted by an partner  organization (company, association, public structure...) in connection with its activity and its development

    - defined within the framework of a design contest 

    The development of the projects consists in seeking the most relevant solutions in usual, formal, functional, economic, ecological, ergonomic, ethics, social (...) terms

    Composite materials
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    theoretical and practical course on composite materials and their uses in different human environments.

    The course will be illustrated with concrete examples all related to the fields of design.

    Concevoir son book
    15H More
    Culture & news of design
    20H - 2 ECTS More

    Study of the signs and methods used by design and their impact on social life: the iconic and plastic signs object, texture, shape, colour...)

    The course induced the observation of the symbolic and the signifier in the objects of design

    Design & Market Value
    20H - 2 ECTS More
    This course presents the design function in the enterprise:
    - its role
    - its place
    - its relations with the other functions of the business (including marketing)
    the student is led to understand the interest of the other departments of a business in connection with the design in order to work transversally in project mode.
    Design Génératif /1
    20H - 2 ECTS More
    Design UX & UI
    30H - 3 ECTS More
    Domestic design
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Study on the topic of housing design: reflexion, analyzes, investigation, research followed by  practical applications

    Drawing and project representation
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Lecture allowing students to consolidate and strengthen drawing tools keeping a personal approach

    The workshop allows students to connect several drawing techniques and stimulate an effective language, adapted to each phase of the representation of a project.

    Infographie 2D /3
    40H - 4 ECTS More
    Layout & infographics (edition)
    20H - 2 ECTS More

    Analysis of the graphic sign and of its uses.

    Use the graphics rules to test and question the typographic and image composing work

    In computer workshop, directed comprehension and application exercises.

    Modeling & molding
    20H - 2 ECTS More

    A Course allowing students to develop a plastic sensitivity through direct manipulation of materials. This course proposes to discover plastic languages and put them at the service of students for their research. Stimulate the observation and study of the details.

    Motion design
    40H - 3 ECTS More

    Acquiring story-telling and experiment different codes and techniques of animated communication

    15H More

    Discovery and practice of the photographic medium allowing personal expression and rewarding project communication.

    Directed exercises around the role of computer graphics in the valuation of photographic images

    Directed exercises around the collage / photo montage

    Printed image
    20H - 2 ECTS More

    Courses developing different methods and procedures to follow in order to produce independent images, models and print-ready files.

    Mention of the steps that lead to a graphic project on a material support: move from the idea to printing, passing by the layout, until files are finally delivered.

    Retail design
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Study on the theme of the commercial space design (internal architecture, landscaping, furniture, brand identity, communication, etc.)

    Rhino & Vray
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Acquire the tools of modeling 3D  (Rhino  3D and Solidworks ) through supervised exercises, to allow the student to communicate its plans and to include feasibility and production.

    Talking design
    20H - 2 ECTS More

    Mobilize the important intellectual currents of philosophical thought and design theorists to state intentions.

    Use words to express a thought, problematize, open hypotheses and illuminate the creative thinking before you conceptualize.

    Technical drawing
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Discovery and practice of the codes of technical and graphics projects representation.

    30H - 3 ECTS More

    theoretical and practical course around the textile material and its different uses in man's various environments. The course will be illustrated with concrete examples all related to the fields of contemporary creation.

    Thinking design 1
    15H - 2 ECTS More

    In order to give a meaning and to enrich the research approach, personal, critical and coherent reflection is built with the contribution of social and human sciences 

    Address the main axes linking the practice of design to philosophical thought to get a better approach of what design is

    Urban Design
    30H - 3 ECTS More
    Volum & installation
    40H - 3 ECTS More

    Volume and construction manipulation starting from a work theme

    Experimentation in volume will allow the student to develop a rich and personal creative tool and to question the link between a form, object, architecture, environment and the individual.

    volums & ergonomics
    27H - 3 ECTS More

    Volume handling and construction from a work theme

    Descriptive and comparative analysis study of systems highlighting the relationship between the body and an object. Volume experimentation allowing the student to develop a rich and personal creation tool applicable to the field of design.

    Development of experiments from a daily usage scenario or a situation involving different factors in the midst of human evolution: activity, comfort, sensory aspects, etc., as well as the evolution of ergonomics in a contemporary context.

    30H - 3 ECTS More

    theoretical and practical course around the wood material and its use in various environments. The course will be illustrated with concrete examples all related to the fields of design.

    Workshop prospectif 1
    15H - 2 ECTS More
    Workshop prospectif 2
    15H - 2 ECTS More
    Workshop prospectif 3
    15H - 2 ECTS More
  • Year 3
    Archicad & Artlantis
    40H - 4 ECTS More

    Perfectioning the training of ArchiCad modeling in association with the software of virtual images and animation Artlantis.

    A course allowing students to gain, through practical exercises, a detailed knowledge of computer graphics in the fields of space, product and graphic design.

    BP contest
    30H - 5 ECTS More

    The course relies on a business plan contest to cultivate students' entrepreneurial spirit. The scope of the course includes the development of a company, from the idea-generating process to its financing. Students will learn through specific reading, discussion, meetings (experts, entrepreneurs, business angels, etc.), but also and above all through the experiences that their involvement in the creation project is going to give rise to. 
    This contest is organized in a short-term format (less than 8 weeks), with teams made up of 4 or 5 persons. The teams must pitch their projects and convince multiple panels. The best among them will stand in front of a last panel made up exclusively of company leaders (in collaboration with societies of company leaders at local and regional level). The teams that qualify for the final round make a professional pitch on suitable premises.
    Access to "Plug & Start campus" days (intensive guidance over three days) is offered to the best projects to trigger their hatching within a Young Entrepreneurs Center (Technopole de l'Aube science park).

    Coding & Web Designing
    40H - 4 ECTS More

    Use of analytical, critical and evaluative tools of new media both in terms of innovation and application by users

    Study of the creation and of interactive writing for design

    Study of the programming languages allowing to consider multimedia  contents from their creation to their integration and diffusion.

    Community Management
    10H - 2 ECTS More
    Développement commercial du projet
    30H - 3 ECTS More
    Developpement de projet design en entreprise (2)
    30H - 5 ECTS More
    Digital prototyping
    40H - 4 ECTS More

    Learning and integration of the digital prototyping tool in a designer approach.

    Draws, Models and prototypes
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    A course that allows student to link and associate volume research and work on the models of the workshop, and to transpose a plastic writing to an applied research.

    Eco conception
    20H - 3 ECTS More
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    A course to explore the graphic language in the field of printed and digital publishing. Courses in connection with the production, reproduction, printing, formatting and shaping of edition objects.

    English language Sem 2
    30H More

    English for design.

    Industrial process
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Taking its full share in the creative process, technology requires a theoretical learning and a practice based on the intensive handling of materials.

    Making of design
    25H More
    Management of the diploma's project
    matériaux et mise en oeuvre
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    Deepening on material knowledge in bond with the universe of design: manufacture, the applicability, tools of implementation, recycling etc.

    Projets d'entreprises
    75H - 10 ECTS More
    Thinking of design 3
    20H - 2 ECTS More

    Questioning design, its challenges and its historical and contemporary practices

    Define one (some) problematic(s) that will be the basis of the personal project at the end of year 3

    Virtual Reality
    30H - 3 ECTS More

    How to represent a project in each of its phase. Courses in connection with the different projects of the students.Think with your hand and translate the conception of an idea into images. Graphical tools are analyzed by various examples ranging from sketch to vector drawings, collages, 3D, models.

    Through the analysis of specific cases and its practical adaptation, the course purpose is to help the student to find the most personal and efficient representation languages to translate the phases of the project in image and volume. This allows students to assess their own work with a total impartiality.